Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Denver makes pitch to DLC Democrats

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The DLC was in Denver this weekend for a major meeting, and Colorado Democrats promoting Denver's bid to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention took full advantage of the opportunity:

"It was really well taken," Farber said Monday. Denver lawyer Steve Farber, who co-chairs the committee trying to woo the Democrats, hosted about 200 officials at his house Sunday night. He made a point to invite them back on the eve of the 2008 convention.


"Many of the delegates felt very comfortable with Denver, so it wasn't just pushing," he said. "It was letting them feel what Denver was about and knowing that Denver could do a good job hosting the convention."

In fact, the DLC gathering took the role of a kind of test run while Denver officials hinted, nudged and yanked the idea of a Western convention into conversations, or discussed the idea in informal meetings.

Before his remarks Monday, Mayor John Hickenlooper made sure to draw attention to the city's ability to host a large convention. "It is not just the hotel rooms, and it's not just how clean the city is," Hickenlooper said after he addressed the DLC. "I think they have been generally impressed with the spirit of the city. It's Republicans working with Democrats, and it's all important issues rather that just bickering over somebody's interpretation of a problem."


Local officials have been frothy on Denver's chances since New Orleans pulled out of the competition this month. Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff said Monday that the convention "is ours to lose."

Denver is very optimistic, but St. Paul has a lot going for it also.