Saturday, July 22, 2006

Denver thinks it's the front-runner

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While some Colorado Democrats were pushing their convention bid at the DLC meeting in Denver, Dan Slater, Vice-Chair of the Denver 2008 Host Committee, was in Washington DC in a late effort to try to get the DNC to give an early caucus date to Colorado. While Nevada got the early caucus date, Slater thinks there is a reason Colorado lost:

One of the reasons we could not gain any traction was a feeling among committee members that the Convention is likely to be awarded to Denver. I heard from a lot of Committee members that they really wanted to see the Convention in Denver in 2008. Only one of the three remaining cities has that groundswell of support and momentum — and that’s Denver. On that front, I think it is safe to say that the Host Committee will be announcing more news of progress in the next week or two.
Denver has a been a bit quiet the last few weeks, especially compared to Minneapolis/St. Paul's recent announcements. I'll keep an eye on what Denver announces.


Anonymous said...

I think Denver's the front-runner too. I'm going for Denver.

Anonymous said...

I imagine Nevada being chosen over Colorado for the early caucas has more to do with Senator Reid's influence than Denver being the likely choice for the convention. Just sayin I'm not gettin my hopes up that the convention is Denver's as the reason Colo was passed over. Fingers crossed though.