Monday, February 25, 2008

Denver's Adam's Mark Hotel (may) have new look in time for the convention

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Delegates from New York and California may be staying in an even swankier hotel than they were already slated for after Denver's Adam's Mark Hotel was sold for $176 million. The 1,125 room hotel will undergo a $70-million renovation and be rebranded under the Starwood Resort and Hotel name.

Within the next 18 months, every inch of the hotel (will) undergo a $70 million renovat(ion) to meet the Sheraton concept.

The renovation will include putting flat-screen TVs in all guest rooms, revamping the food and beverage area with the Sheraton theme and creating a social area where people can use the Internet.

The hotel has 133,000 square feet of meeting space, and will be open during the Aug. 25-28, 2008, Democratic National Convention in Denver. Delegates from New York and California will be staying in the Adam's Mark. - Denver Business Journal

Unless they're able to complete the renovations a full year ahead of schedule the renovations won't be finished in time for the convention. If you've ever stayed in a hotel that's been under construction you know how pleasant it can be. I'm sure the fine people at Starwood will keep any inconveniences to a minimum during the convention. I guess it's still better than staying in a hotel that's an hour away from the Pepsi Center.

And if any NY or CA delegates are visitors to our blog we'd like to let you know that we are accepting invitations for any parties you may be having (for reporting purposes of course!).


laurie in maine said...

Is NY the only state currently recounting votes? Is there any word on the time frame for finishing in NY?

Matt said...

here's an update, just out:,0,6952783.story

Bottom line, no delegate changes.

Unknown said...

FYI--there is no hotel pictured on the referenced map that is "an hour away" from the Cola Dome, er, Pepsi Center. It appears from the map that some delegations are being lodged on the other side of C-470, which would mean they are located near Castle Rock, the furthest southern suburb of Denver. If any delegations were truly housed "an hour away" (and some may be, but unlikely), they would be staying in Fort Collins or Colorado Springs.