Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oklahoma add-on superdelegate named

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We welcome Reggie Whitten to the superdelegate universe:

[Oklahoma Chairman Ivan] Holmes named Reggie Whitten, an Oklahoma City lawyer who has been serving as the party's finance chairman, as an add-on superdelegate Saturday.

Holmes said the party was $150,000 in debt when he became its chairman a year ago. He said two efforts have helped bring the party out of debt.
Holmes credited Whitten as a primary force is getting the party out of debt. The party's monthly expenses have been pared to $12,000 from $35,000, he said.
Whitten is a former Edwards supporter who is currently uncommitted.


Josh said...

Could you explain who these 76 add-on delegates are and how they are picked on March 1? What is the purpose of naming these delegates later?

Matt said...

The 76 add-on delegates are picked state-by-state over the next 3 months. They're probably intended as wild-card spots that can be used to reward state party bigwigs who didn't become delegates in some other way.