Monday, February 18, 2008

Updated: Wash. Rep. Inslee still backing Clinton

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Update: We're putting Inslee back under Clinton after Politico posted this correction:

I linked a local story yesterday that quoted Washington Rep. Jay Inslee's spokeswoman, Christine Clapp, seeming to suggest that Inslee considered his endorsement of Hillary something short of a promise to vote for her in Denver.

Clapp e-mails today to correct that impression:

"I do want you to know that the Bainbridge paper mischaracterized my remarks about Jay's position. When Jay endorsed Hillary Clinton, he intended to vote for her and that hasn't changed," she writes.

Actually, for all of the chatter about superdelegates switching, the real story — so far — seems to be how little of that there's been, not how much.

Original Story: Washington Representative Jay Inslee endorsed Clinton last June. Then Obama picked up 4 of 6 delegates in Inslee's district. Who is Inslee going to vote for at the 2008 Democratic Convention?

Inslee plans to see how the rest of the campaign unfolds before announcing whom he will support at the August national convention, spokesperson Christine Hanson Clapp said Thursday.
- The Bainbridge Island Review
That's enough for us to move Inslee back to the no-endorse list.

(h/t to Politico and Slog)


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