Monday, November 20, 2006

Don't take the train to Denver

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If Denver gets awarded the 2008 Democratic Convention, taking the train there will not be your best bet:

The planned $1 billion re-development of Denver's Union Station took a massive step forward last week as the Regional Transportation District and the city of Denver chose Continuum and East West Partners as lead contractors on the refurbishment of the historic depot and the surrounding 19.5 acres.
The new Union Station will still be under construction in the summer of 2008, when city officials hope to welcome the Democratic National Convention to the capital.


Julio said...

Well to take a train to Denver regardless of construction at Union Station is a considerable time commitment. It is 15-16 hours from Chicago and 17-18 to San Francisco, and Amtrak tickets to Denver from these cities are pretty comparable to air fare. So you better really enjoy the train to come that way.

DenverDan said...

Plus, there are only two trains in or out of Denver...daily! One to Chicago and the other to Frisco.

We've got Southwest Airlines here now, which is ever expanding to new destinations from Denver. And of course we have the home team Frontier Airlines offering low cost fares as well. Denver is well served domestically with flights, and the airport is great, though a bit of a drive from the city.

Transportation factors overall are interesting to consider about Denver.

Much ado is being made about distances from metro area hotels to the Convention site, but the traffic here is really not bad in comparison to other cities. So, fret not delegates.

Also, we just opened a new light rail line servicing the southeast sector and Tech Center, where there are numerous hotels. I live just a few blocks from one of the new stations. It's fantastic, and there is plenty of capacity for Convention visitors. I think delegates will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of movement within Denver, even during rushhour.

Just to remention something I said many many posts ago, there are extra tracks built in the system, which would allow delegates to go from the Convention Center hotel straight to the Pepsi Center on a special convention train, if the city chooses that option (wink wink).