Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Howard Fineman: Just a hunch

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at http://www.DemocraticConventionWatch.com

Good thing there are people out there who have access to these folks. I diaried the Fineman report at Daily Kos, and Kos checked with Fineman, who responded:

It's a hunch
So as Dan Slater noted, lots of "unsubstantiated rumors", but nothing official yet.


Anonymous said...

As noted on ColoradoConfidential.com, national columnist George Will has also stated that Denver will get the convention. http://coloradoconfidential.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=1009

Matt said...

I saw that. In print, Will said the convention will "probably be in Denver", which lots of people had said. Now if he actually said on This Week that the convention will be in Denver, then OK, that would be news.