Friday, November 03, 2006

Edgar Springs, MO bids for convention

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For those who take this convention site selection stuff way too seriously (like me, and probably most of the readers here), Democracy in Action posted this fantastic parody of the whole site selection process, with an overview of Edgar Springs, Missouri's bid for the 2004 conventions:

Edgar Springs, Missouri, population 190, will bid to host the 2004 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. "We'll take either one or both," stated acting mayor Kim Wilson, outlining the town's innovative proposal. "Edgar Springs will provide delegates with an untraditional and unforgettable convention experience," Wilson said. "What better way for our political parties to demonstrate their commitment to middle American values than to come to a farming community in the heartland of America," Wilson said.
Acting mayor Wilson acknowledged that the town likely does not meet many, or indeed any, of the parties' requirements, but she said the town's leaders have come up with innovative and creative solutions to meet the needs of the thousands of delegates, alternates, and family members as well as some 15,000 media representatives. These include establishment of a massive tent village on one of the sheep ranches in the area and provision of a fleet of up to 12,000 bicycles to allow delegates to travel in and around the area.
Proposed Venue: The Lions Club Building. This hall is used for big meetings, public hearings, and other such events.

Host Committee: Local businesses are coordinating to develop plans to welcome delegates and media representatives. By placing collection jars in local businesses and holding bake sales, we estimate we will be able to raise $523.72 to support these activities.

Hotels: One of the central elements of our proposal is our plan to house delegates and media in a temporary tent village on one of the sheep ranches in the area. Nine thousand two-man tents will be put up. Delegates and reporters will need to bring their own sleeping bags, however. Meals will be catered by Hot Lips Cafe. For high muckety-mucks Rolla, 19 miles to the north, has numerous motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts and resorts. There are also many campgrounds in the area.

Transportation: Edgar Springs is located on old Hwy 63 between Rolla and Licking. Rolla National Airport, 20 miles to the north, is a former WWII training base with a 5,500 foot long runway capable of serving planes with wingspans of up to 79 feet. Working with towns and cities around Missouri, Edgar Springs will procure a fleet of 10-12,000 second-hand bicycles to facilitate travel between the tent city, the convention venue, and other area attractions.

Telecommunications: Media will be able to file their stories using one of the several pay phones in town.

I think it's a shame that Edgar Springs did not bid for the 2008 conventions, and I hope they do submit a bid for the 2012 conventions. The experience of submitting losing bids in 2004 should help them in the 2012 selection process.