Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Howard Fineman says convention to be in Denver

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Well I was willing to dismiss a minor article in US News on the Latino vote, but when Howard Fineman says the convention will be in Denver, it's harder to dismiss:

The westward trend is clear. For the first time, leaders of the House and Senate are from the Far West. Democrats put Nevada in a crucial early spot in the presidential-selection process, and will hold their convention in Denver.
The reason this still doesn't make sense is that it's phrased as an already known fact, as opposed to "the Democrats have just decided to hold their convention in Denver". But as the commenter who pointed me to the article (thanks), said: maybe there is someone on the committee leaking?

Update: Dan Slater from the Denver bid committee responds:
Now, there’s been an awful lot of speculation out there over the past week — which I haven’t reported, because it’s all been in unsubstantiated rumors — that the Denver decision has been made. But it seems awfully odd that there would be two separate articles that mention the same fact in two competing weekly news publications. I don’t know what to make of it, but thought some of you out there might be interested in the news…