Friday, July 14, 2006

Daily Kos Poll - updated numbers

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Kos put up a poll yesterday. Current results (2064 votes):

Denver: 61%
Minneapolis: 26%
New York: 11%

In a May 25 poll, the results were (8033 votes):

New Orleans: 35%
Denver: 33%
Minneapolis: 23%
New York: 7%

so Denver has picked up most of New Orleans' supporters.


Doogman said...


DavidNYC said...

Denver all the way, says this dyed-in-the-wool NYer.

Anonymous said...

Rocky Mountain High! Go Denver!

Anonymous said...

Just look at the numbers- GO DENVER!

Anonymous said...

Go Minnesota!!!

Rob said...

If Denver wins this, then we need to play up the whole Centennial Anniversary. Denver held the convention in 1908!!! So, let's go Denver! I love NYC and I love Minneapolis...but let Denver celebrate this symbolic anniversary in style!

Anonymous said...

I would love for it to be in Denver!!!!! I was at Barack Obama's book signing yesterday and everyone was buzzing about that. D-Town is perfect!

Anonymous said...

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