Tuesday, July 11, 2006

TAG stragglers visit Minneapolis

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Several members of the 2008 Democratic Convention Technical Advisory Group visited Minneapolis/St. Paul today, as they missed the main visit:

“They’re part of the technical advisory group,” Democratic spokesman Damien LaVera said Monday. “They didn’t get to visit with the other people because of scheduling conflicts.” He said he believed they were looking at hotels, among other things.
And while local officials have been positively ebullient about the DNC, some privately think that the Republicans might be a likelier option, and might be a more likely option for St. Paul in particular, because of the city’s tie to Republican first term U.S. Senator Norm Coleman. He lives here, you know.
Given the current schedules, it looks like the Democrats will choose their city before the Republicans, so if the Democrats want New York or Minneapolis, they may get first choice.