Thursday, July 20, 2006

Did the Democrats pick the best date?

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Pontificator believes the Democrats made a mistake when they chose their convention to be held the last week in August. I just wrote a response, arguing that Dean chose the best week possible. Read both posts, and let us know what you think. (Also cross-posted at Daily Kos).

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Matt, we would have been screwed if we had it TOO early again!

The writer of that article is concerned with "no time to enjoy a bounce?"

Who cares!? They also won't have time try and "out do our to-do" ;)

The timing is JUST RIGHT.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that the DNC might be scheduling the convention so that it coincides with the MN State Fair?

Reasons why I think this would be a good idea:

1.) famously large (In 2005, attendance was 1,632,876 people)

2.) Many presidents (Coolidge, Eisenhower, Harding, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft) and presidential candidates (Kerry, etc.)have made appearances there

3.) Politicians have cemented their voter base at the State Fair (Vice President Teddy Roosevelt's gave his "big stick" speech at the fair four days before McKinley was assassinated)

Matt said...

Well the convention dates were chosen when Minneapolis/St. Paul was just 1 of 33 cities, so I don't think the fair helped choose the dates. But it will be interesting to see whether either convention, if they choose Minn/StP, incorporate the fair in any way.

Anonymous said...


Looks like the R's have narrowed their choices down to: Tampa FL, Minneapolis MN, Cleveland OH, and NYC.

Judging by what this article says are their top 2 choices, they evidently want it held in one of the two most vital states for votes (Ohio or Florida) *insert rollie eyes here*

Question: Were there ever any Ohio cities on our initial list? I'm pretty sure I remember Orlando being on there, I just can't recall if an Ohio city was interested in the beginning.

Thanks! Libby

Matt said...


The original list of cities invited to bid for the convention included Cleveland, but Cleveland never expressed any interest in hosting the Democratic convention. Orlando was one of the final 11, but dropped out in early May due to money issues - matt

Anonymous said...

Hey: not only did Denver host the DNC in 1908 (a centennial to 2008), but Denver was FOUNDED in 1858 (150 years to 2008). I'm lovin' Denver 2008!