Friday, December 05, 2008


WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

  • Elections tomorrow in LA. We'll have results here tomorrow evening.
  • The Franken campaign says they're up by 4 votes. Those 133 ballots are still MIA. (Although 12 other ballots were found).
  • They're finally going to start counting those 26,000 (but not 27,000) provisional ballots this weekend in OH-15. When it's done, Democratic candidate Mary Jo Kilroy is likely to be certified the winner, but, yes, a recount is sure to follow.
  • Illinois Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich had better name Obama's replacement soon. Otherwise, he might have to call it in from a courthouse or from jail.
  • The Fix still thinks Andrew Cuomo, not Carolyn Kennedy, is the favorite to get the NY Senate nod.
  • While we're there, The Fix also thinks Geithner is most likely to sail through confirmation, Holder, not so much.
  • Obama may name his Interior, Energy, and EPA heads next week.
  • Some Clinton supporters are not happy about a potential Chris Matthews' Senate run.
  • We depended heavily on Denver newspapers for our convention coverage, and now, unfortunately, one of them, The Rocky Mountain News, may be closing.
  • Obama is taping an interview for Meet the Press tomorrow, and will holding a press conference on Sunday, on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, where he will be speaking about "the contributions of those that have served our nation".
  • Mark Blumenthal looks at why the polls all converged in November.
  • Ted Kennedy is leaving the Judiciary Committee
  • Obama is filling spots faster than any previous president:
Mr. Obama is moving more quickly to fill his administration’s top ranks than any newly elected president in modern times. He has named virtually the entire top echelon of his White House staff and nearly half of his cabinet. Just a month after his election, Mr. Obama has announced his selections for 13 of the 24 most important positions in a new administration. - NY Times