Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Spunky Redux

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In certain ways, Spunky is the gift that keeps on giving. (And as an aside, there is an original gift that keeps on giving, but I don't know what it is. If you do, please help me out and use the comments, I've been wondering for some time. Thanks.)

First on the hit parade, Spunky was in Philadelphia today for the Governors' Meeting. She was mentioned by Vice President-elect Joe Biden in his second line. It went like this:

Thank you, Governor Rendell and Governor Douglas.

And Governor Palin, your being here today sends a powerful message that when campaigns end, we are all partners in progress. Thank you.
And then he said:
I always love events where seating is done by when your state entered the union. That’s when it’s good to be a Delawarean, and it’s good to see Governor-elect Jack Markell here.
So, you have an idea of where Spunky sat. But I digress.

Her comment?
When much of the economic problem that we are facing today perhaps was caused by too much debt, that solving those problems will not come from incurring more debt so we do have some concerns about these. This is going to be a matter of re-prioritizing federal dollars though and putting them to use in the wisest fashion for taxpayers, for constituents.
So, perhaps she won't want earmarks in 2009, but probably she will. First, that check that goes to each and every Alaskan? The fund is shrinking. There will still be checks, but they'll be smaller. Like all states, Alaska has some budget problems. In fact, they would be running at a deficit, but they have that fund that writes the checks to each and every Alaskan. If you'd like to see the FY Alaskan budget, here it is.

Then, Spunky has a few personal problems. First, should she run for re-election in 2010? Or maybe for Lisa Murkowski's Senate seat? Remember, she won her last race by ousting Lisa's dad, Frank, from the governor's mansion.

Lisa has said that Spunky cannot have her seat. She'll fight for it. Remember, one of the ways that Spunky won was by aligning with some of the Democrats (like Lyda Greene) to go up against the Republican establishment in Alaska. They're none to happy with the rhetoric she spewed on the campaign trail, and remember, Troopergate was a bi-partisan investigation. Few friends around, which would make DC perhaps a happier place, but she'd need structural support to get there.

In addition, Alaska just lost Ted Stevens, meaning that with the election of Spunky, they'd have two "young" Senators in a chamber dependent on seniority. Even if you don't like her politics, Lisa Murkowski brings experience and standing.

In addition to some further bad blood between Spunky, the movers and shakers in Juneau, and the Murkowskis, there are a few more problems. Some Alaskans are questioning whether with all this globe-trotting, are they getting the governor they elected? Plus, she's not playing well to the middle. And if you think that Troopergate, the $150,000+ wardrobe and additional ethics and legal probes are over, well, you're not with the "gift that keeps on giving" thing.