Thursday, December 04, 2008

(Rumored) Secretary of Health & Human Services Nominee Tom Daschle on Health Care

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Since we opened up our discussion on health care a week ago, thousands of people have shared their stories, experiences, and ideas -- best of all, people have responded to one another, taking the conversation in new and interesting directions.

It's exactly the kind of participation we were hoping for, and that we're counting on. It's what the Transition is all about.

The interest in the subject is clearly intense, so we sat in on a meeting of the Transition's Health Policy Team to introduce you to some of the team's members and give you a feel for how they make decisions.

Senator Tom Daschle, the leader of the Health Policy Team, sat down to tell us how he plans to tackle health care and his future plans for opening up the process further.
Note that Jennifer Backus, who is seen in the video, was the Obama Campaign's senior adviser for the convention in Denver.