Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ludacris: Chambliss Is Just About Politics, Not The People

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It was a chilly evening in Atlanta Monday night, but that didn't deter supporters of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jim Martin from rallying on the steps of the State Capitol a day before the closely-watched run-off election between Martin and Republican Saxby Chambliss.

"We need at least one U.S. Senator who is a Democrat and works for us in Washington," state Democratic Party Chair Jane Kidd told the crowd. "All we have is 24 hours to get the job done."

Accompanying Kidd on the stage was a who's who of political leaders, radio personalities and hip-hop artists --including Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth and Michigan Congressman John Conyers-- all encouraged Democrats to get out the vote for Jim Martin.

Grammy award winning artists Ludacris and T.I. along with BET Hip-Hop award winning artist Young Jeezy took the podium to talk about how proud they were of Barack Obama's victory while urging Georgia to finish the drill by electing Jim Martin to the Senate.

"I definitely feel like we need a senator who's going to work with Mr. President Obama to fix our economy as opposed to someone whose message is just to block Obama's agenda," Atlanta native Ludacris said of Martin and Chambliss. "That lets me know that he [Chambliss] is just about politics and not about helping the American people."

Civil rights icon John Lewis echoed those words telling the crowd that "Saxby Chambliss is not our friend."

"Barack Obama needs Jim Martin in the United States Senate," Congressman Lewis said amid cheers. "The state of Georgia needs Jim Martin in the United States Senate."

Voter turnout is expected to be light in today's run-off election, a fact that was not lost on Jim Martin as he closed out yesterday's get out the vote rally.

"This election is about who wants it the most," Martin said. "I want you to vote first and then help other people."