Monday, January 22, 2007

CQPolitics starts convention city reports

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at, the web site of Congressional Quarterly, is starting a series of articles on the convention cities, Denver and St. Paul/Minneapolis. The first article is an overview of Denver:

Democrats will find Denver a welcoming, if not distinctly emblematic, host city for their 2008 national convention. The burg that sent outspoken liberal Pat Schroeder to Congress for 12 terms (1973-97) has long been an island of progressive politics in a largely conservative region.

But the metro area’s Democrats are a diverse lot who are actually difficult to characterize. The northern suburbs of Adams County are home to conservative, blue-collar Democrats who crossed over to vote for President Ronald Reagan, while Denver proper has a more liberal, ethnically diverse tilt.

Then there is Boulder, home to the University of Colorado, just a half hour to the northwest. A counterculture haven that’s at times hard to describe, Boulder is part of a larger “granola belt” that stretches to ski towns such as Aspen and Telluride.

There's more on the local politicians and attractions. I'll post highlights of the series as it comes out.


Anonymous said...

matt -

do you have any information on the staffing process for the convention?

Matt said...

I don't have any specific information, but main staffing for the convention itself is done by the DNC out of Washington, not the Denver Host Committee. I would contact the DNC directly for information.

Anonymous said...

i've been told from several sources inside the dnc that convention staffing may not happen for up to a year.

Anonymous said...

Actually I believe that the CEO and the resdt of the Senior Staff should be announced in the next month or so. Even though the Convention is more than a year away, a lot of the housing and security planning staff will begin work shortly.

Matt said...

I would certainly agree that the top staff positions would be filled in the next month or 3. In the past, the staff has started working out of DC, and move to Denver earlier or later depending on their specific responsibilities.