Thursday, January 04, 2007

No decision until later this month

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From WNYC:

New York and Denver are neck and neck in competition for the Democratic National Convention, in 2008. But both cities face fund raising challenges, so Democratic party chairman Howard Dean has said he'll hold off announcing the winner until later this month.


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Anonymous said...

Do you think it will be announced at the DNC meeting in February?

denverdan said...

I wonder if they are just dragging out the buzz about the convention as far as they can. Not choosing Denver at this point would be a big disappointment. There has been a lot of hype in the media about it, preferences for Denver expressed by many people. I dunno. Are they that worried about hotel rooms, union and fundraising concerns that they can't see the fun in having the convention in some place new and exciting. New York would be grand, but let's step out of the box for once people.

Matt said...

At this point, I have absolutely no idea when it will be announced.

Matt Pizzuti said...

denverdan, I don't think "dragging out the buzz" is a good thing for Democrats at this point. It makes the Democrats appear disorganized and makes them appear as though no one wants them. If the Democrats were faced with a tough choice between two awesome bids, that might help the party, and it would be good to make the decision look difficult, just so that the losing side feels that they only lost by a hair. But this isn't a choice between awesome bids, it's a choice between two defunct bids, or at least that's how the media is playing it. It would be better for the Democrats to get this over with as soon as possible, and I think that's what they're scrambling to do.