Thursday, January 11, 2007

New York reaction

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Some notes from the New York newspapers. From the Times:

It's not exactly a "New York: Drop Dead" kind of moment, but the Democratic National Committee has decided to hold the party's 2008 nominating convention in Denver, according to Democrats familiar with the decision, heading West in rejecting a bid from New York to hold it there.

New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg said today that he was "sorry" the Democrats didn't choose New York, and that he wished Denver "all the best," according to Diane Cardwell, The Times's City Hall bureau chief. "I think that raising money for conventions is getting harder for cities and this city had a particular problem," Mr. Bloomberg said, adding that he felt the onus for fundraising would fall on him. He said he believed Mr. Dean took into account the fundraising issues in deciding on Denver.
And from Newsday:
Even though New York City lost to Denver in the competition to host the 2008 Democratic presidential convention, there was talk of celebratory toasts and a Rocky Mountain high at City Hall.

That is because New York officials were not particularly excited about putting on the Democratic gala. Mayor Michael Bloomberg had spent months dialing down enthusiasm about the bid, despite initial efforts to entice the party into holding the convention in New York.

The billionaire mayor's explanation for the change of heart last fall was that he no longer believed the city could raise the money because he had taken on some hefty fundraising committments that would tie up time and fundraising sources.

When asked for his reaction to the decision Democrats had been mulling for months, Bloomberg was polite, but hardly dejected.

"We are disappointed," Bloomberg said. "But as I had pointed out a number of times, these conventions have gotten very expensive."