Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Denver Volunteer form

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The official volunteer form for the 2008 Democratic Convention is now available. Lots of volunteers are needed both before and during the convention.


State Democratic Chair Pat Waak said her office has been swamped with calls and e-mails from people who want to do volunteer work at the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Denver on Aug. 25-28, 2008.

Waak said she is looking for 7,500 volunteers and people who are interested need to fill out the form they'll find on the convention website (denverconvention2008 .com). Volunteers are needed to do everything from handing out passes and putting up signs to answering delegate questions at the hotel and distributing materials in the convention halls.


Anonymous said...

The official volunteer form will require much more information, like SSN as required by the Secret Service. This is more likely just to get on a contact list for when the official application is released in the future.

Gabe Stein said...

I think you're probably right. I've signed up at two forms now (the CDP and the convention sites), and so far had no response, automated or otherwise. So it's probably a mailing list thing.