Thursday, January 11, 2007

National labor in talks to resolve Denver standoff

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The AFL-CIO is working on trying to find a solution in the standoff between Denver's bid to host the 2008 Democratic Convention and a local labor leader:

The union leader at the center of a dispute that threatens Denver's bid for the 2008 Democratic National Convention said Wednesday that a resolution is being negotiated at the national level. Jim Taylor, who heads International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local No. 7, objects to Democrats' hosting the convention in the Pepsi Center - a nonunion facility. He has refused to sign an agreement promising not to strike during the convention.

Taylor said that he has not spoken to the host committee for days and that discussions were taking place at the highest levels of organized labor. "I know that our international union is working on it," he said. AFL-CIO president John Sweeney "is there as well. ... I think that the AFL-CIO is looking for common ground somewhere."

Just where that common ground would be is unclear. Taylor said he was not sure, but he mused that "something is going to end up coming into play sooner or later."

City Councilwoman and host committee president Elbra Wedgeworth said there had been no discussions locally with Taylor this week - largely because of a focus on inauguration ceremonies for Gov. Bill Ritter. "We've always remained open to talk to Mr. Taylor," she said. "If he has a proposal that he would like to discuss with us, we are more than willing."
But it does seem strange that nothing is being discussed locally - sounds like the two sides just gave up in trying to resolve the issue at that level.


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