Monday, January 15, 2007

Keynote speaker Mark Udall?

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While Wikipedia says

"Almost everything else about the 2008 Democratic National Convention is uncertain: ... who its speakers will be"
I think the first candidate for Keynote speaker just popped up. Colorado Republican Senator Wayne Allard announced today that he will not be running for reelection, making the seat even more wide-open. The likely Democratic candidate:
Among those watching with the greatest interest is five-term 2nd District Rep. Mark Udall, who established even before his 2006 House campaign that he planned to run for the Senate in 2008.
The party’s nominee will have an especially gaudy showcase: The Democratic National Committee announced Thursday that it would hold its 2008 presidential convention in Denver. And Udall, who in his recent House races has won landslides in a Democratic-leaning district that includes Boulder and some suburbs northwest of Denver, gives the party what appears a strong takeover prospect.

In 2004, Udall briefly sought the seat of retiring Republican Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell. He withdrew in deference to Ken Salazar, then the state’s attorney general, who went on to defeat Republican brewing company executive Pete Coors. Udall has been piling up campaign funds with 2008 in mind. As of Nov. 27, Udall had $1.3 million cash on hand in his House campaign account; all of that money could be transferred to a Senate campaign account.

Obama's Keynote in 2004 set a precedent for a major Senate challenger getting the plum spot. But even if he doesn't get the Keynote, look for Udall, assuming he runs, of course, to get a major speaking slot.


Elliot - SC said...

I'm not so sure about Udall. He comes from such a well connected family, and doesn't seem to enthuse voters. I guess it would be ok for an establishment speaker like Udall to speak for an establishment candidate like Billary, but for any other candidate I think a young, up and coming star of the party would be better suited. I know Udall is from the state of the convention, but getting someone from the south would be a good strategic move as well...we're already going to be in CO, so no need to over-emphasize that fact.

My choice (and prediction) is Rep. Artur Davis (AL).

He is a young rising star of the democratic south, with an impeccable record, and statewide ambitions as well. He is very well spoken, Harvard educated, and brings with him the attention the Dems need to pay to the deep south. With the support he gains from all backgrounds of dems as well as repubs in the south, I think he could be key to transforming our party for the better.

any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Months later, I'm starting to reconsider who would be selected to speak. A great possibility could also be: Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown.

That push would be just what he needs to get him to replace the vacant senate seat of B.M. in 2010.

But of course if Billary is the nominee, they would never have someone who reminds people of Obama (and went to law school with Obama) up there getting all the attention...go figure