Thursday, January 10, 2008

Denver backs down on park and parade permit change

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Good news from the Denver City Council regarding their plans to change park permits

Reacting to criticism, Denver officials removed language from a proposed rule change that would have given governments first dibs on park and parade permits.

The rule changes, which are being considered in anticipation of thousands of protesters converging on Denver during the Democratic National Convention in August, had sparked harsh words last month from the American Civil Liberties Union and the protest group Re-Create 68.
Although city officials insist they are trying to craft a process that protects the free-speech rights of protesters, City Attorney David Fine said Wednesday that the city still can exert its powers.

In a letter to the ACLU, Fine said that "the City's inherent power to reserve its parks for its own purposes during the convention or otherwise remains unchanged."
Alluding to ACLU comments, Fine added that "the City does not intend 'to monopolize Denver's traditional public forums' during the convention."

Katherine Archuleta, the city's liaison for the convention, said the city has no intention of reserving any of the parks during convention week. - Denver Post