Sunday, January 20, 2008

Could Edwards be a Kingmaker?

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There's been talk of Edwards playing kingmaker at the convention, sending his delegates one way or another for whatever reason. But I think this assumes a time gone by, when delegates would march in lockstep for their state bosses and/or their candidate. The Politco agrees:

And his delegates won’t automatically follow his lead, and might instead shift to a media-anointed front-runner.

“Nobody’s bound to him. You guys, the media, are the ones who will decide,” said one veteran of past delegate processes who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he supports one of Edwards’ rivals.
Edwards could make a deal or an endorsement, but we shouldn't assume that his delegates would follow blindly in line.


Cynic said...

Well, we found out today that Bill Clinton still expects Hillary to win well before the convention. Asked by Mark Halperin of "The Page" how many delegates it takes to win, he spit back "Twenty-two hundred..."
In other words, he expects Michigan and Florida to be seated, something that will only happen if Hillary controls a majority prior to the convention. So at least one pundit is discounting this scenario entirely.

Anonymous said...

Hopeful said...
I believe that Hillary will take a majority of delegates to the DNC and win the nomination of our Party. If she lags behind, I believe that Edward's delegates will want to make their vote count from an obvious loosing campaign to a winning one of Clinton. I do not think that a majority of Edwards delegates would vote for the unseasoned Senator from Illinois. I'm hopeful that the American people will vote for experience, for change and for a promising future! I am voting for Hillary!
Ron S.S.