Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida primaries today

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The Florida primaries, whose 210 delegates were disqualified for Democrats, take place today. The DNC stripped Florida of its delegates after the state moved its primary before February 5th.

Florida's Democratic Chairperson Karen L. Thurman posted this note on the Florida Democratic Party website.

Dear Florida Democrat,

Florida is in the driver's seat. Despite what the Washington skeptics and pre-programmed pundits predicted, the nation's eyes are turning to our January 29th Presidential Primary. It is important to vote in this election.

There's been a lot of fuss about delegates, but it's time to forget all that and just vote. The nationally respected RealClearPolitics website noted today that the Florida Democratic Primary will "include all the candidates on the ballot, and the entire media universe will be watching the outcome, guaranteeing the Sunshine State a big impact on the presidential race as it hurtles toward a critical moment the following week on Tsunami Tuesday."


Make no mistake, Florida Democrats will be heard on January 29th. The energy and momentum is on the Democratic Party's side nationwide, and Florida is no different. Thousands upon thousands of Florida Democrats are heading to the polls to make their voice heard in the final primary in the country before February 5th (the potentially decisive "Tsunami" or "Super Duper" Tuesday when more than 20 states will hold primaries or caucuses).

Update: Clinton obviously won, and McCain is now in the driver's seat for the GOP nomination. If anyone has Florida Democratic delegate estimates, please let us know. Also, the email at right is now working again.

Update 2: One estimate for the statewide delegates only is Clinton 38, Obama 26. There are 121 other delegates to be allocated by Congressional District.

Update 3: From the Green Papers, but it's a rough estimate as vote by CD was not available: Clinton 108, Obama 77. Note that Edwards received 14.76% of the vote, so did not meet the 15% threshold to get any state-wide delegates. (He missed by 4,000 votes - anyone for a Florida recount?). He will surely get delegates at the CD level when the CD votes and delegates are available. A quick estimate would give him 12-15 delegates, coming from both Clinton and Obama.


Anonymous said...

And leave it to the dirty politics of the Clinton's, they VIOLATED DNC rules and campaigned there anyway.

The DNC better not go back on their word and count Florida's delegates. All the rest of the candidates FOLLOWED the rules and by counting those delegates will show the Democratic Party to be just as spineless as the Republicans accuse them of. It will show that the actual DNC is weak in the aspect that they will bow down to the Clinton's dirty politics. That is something I, as well as MANY Democrats are so tired of, dirty politics.

Senator Obama and Edwards lived up to their word that they would not campaign in Michigan or Florida and Senator Clinton, once again, has gone BACK on her word (which originally was to NOT campaign in Florida).

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Hillary won the state fair and square.

She did not once campaign in FL only held two small fund raisers in the Miami area, which is completely inline with the DNC rules as well as the 'four state pledge.'

However, if you want to talk about breaking the rules then you need only look at your own saintly candidate, Obama. He made a national advertising buy that ran ads in Florida, which is a clear and deliberate violation of the rules.

Therefore, you should really know what you are talking about before you post blatant lies about another campaign. Also, learn to lose with some class.

Oh and as a Democratic resident of Florida, I have a strong feeling that our delegates will be seated. Why would the Democratic nominee want to piss of a key swing state?

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a pair of true Democrats.

Looks like The GOP can check off Florida as another win in 2008.

Go McCain!

JustSayNOtoHillary said...

12:21 am:

As MSNBC reported tonight, a mass majority of your candidate's votes were collected via mail just after the NH race.

It was a time when the MSM was going down hard on Senator Obama and a time when it looked as though with the help of Bill, she could also take SC.

But what happened?

They stated tonight that Democrats who "walked in today" to cast their votes OVERWHELMINGLY cast them for Senator Obama---- not your candidate.

What does that tell you?

Fair and Square, huh? Is that anything like "Fair and Balanced".

It's voters like you who will do anything, say anything, write anything just to give H.Clinton the nod.

If so many Republicans are celebrating her bogus win tonight --- and if so many of them desperately want her as the nominee, what does that tell you?

As far as seating Delegates, you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

And to the third poster here at 13:36 a.m.: If HRC is the Democratic nominee, you are absolutely correct.

She may be a lot of things. But first and foremost, she is UNELECTABLE.

Anonymous said...

I really hope the DNC doesn't fold to the Clinton Machine and stick by their rules. NOT following the rules, or should I say our Constitution, is what this country has had for over 7 years from the Bush Administration. Hillary has just left herself WIDE open, if she is the Dems candidate, during the general election....the Repubs would have a field day with how she has a disregard for what she signs up to follow and then "changes her mind".

Once again, it's ALL about Hillary.

Thank you John Edwards and Barack Obama for having the character to 'do as you say'- no wonder the two of you have been SUCCESSFUL on your own right. That's the kind of "experience" we, the voters, want in our next President.