Saturday, February 18, 2006

Booman's take on the cities

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From the Booman Tribune:

Anaheim, CA- totally irrelevent
Dallas, TX- totally irrelevent
Denver, CO- very strong candidate. The state is purple and it would be a big boost to the state. I don't think any convention has ever taken place in a Mountain state.
Detroit, MI- Not bad. This is a purple state. And it has the added advantage of making the delegates uncomfortable.
Las Vegas, NV- not a good image for the party, nor a good way to prevent outbreaks of scandal. But it could help turn Nevada blue. Harry Reid probably likes this choice.
Minneapolis, MN- good choice. Purple state, the city deserves it, and it will be August so people won't even notice the cold.
New Orleans, LA- the sentimental favorite. I think most of the Democrats in Louisiana now reside in Houston. So, maybe this isn't the best option.
New York, NY- Now, that is a seriously tired idea.
Orlando, FL- in August? That is just cruel. Can we give up on Florida already?
Phoenix, AZ- They say it's a dry heat.
San Antonio, TX- Just to piss off Bush? I don't think so.
We shouldn't underestimate New York. It can come up with lots of money, and their are no logistical issues to worry about.


Michael Rebain said...

Denver was the site of the 1908 convention which nominated William Jennings Bryan for the third time.

Anonymous said...

Well, I still kind of like Denver as a choice.

Besides, 4th time should be a charm!

Anonymous said...

I vote Detroit! They just hosted the SuperBowl to rave reviews, and it would symbolzie going back to the Democratic party's working class roots.

Anonymous said...

Detroit would be great too!
New Orleans too!

Ah heck, all of the choices are great!

Anonymous said...

Do not underestimate the not-so-subtle national symbolic impact that would come in having New Orleans as the convention city. Come on, there is only one obvious reason that the GOP went to NYC in 2004, and it worked for them. Katrina and New Orleans are a reminder to the nation of the failures of Bush to govern effectively.

Anonymous said...

Anaheim would be the upset, and the best choice. Believe it! Not only will the Republicans faint, the Democrats will gain across the country because of it. SUCCESSFUL HOPE! Dem's better go for it.

Matt said...

This original post was in February, and Anaheim is no longer in the running.

Anonymous said...

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