Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Summary of Daily Kos discussion on host cities

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The discussion over at Daily Kos on which city should host the 2008 Democratic Convention was very interesting. First, the poll results. With almost 4000 votes cast:

Denver: 32%
New Orleans: 28%
Minneapolis: 9%
Everybody else: 4% or less

I think the New Orleans opinions can be summarized as follows:

Those in favor said it was a great idea, just like the GOP was smart to go to NY in 2004.
Those against said it was a horrible idea, just like the GOP made a mistake in going to NY in 2004.

But this point was made:
The Democrats would be in the Superdome, which one could easily call Ground Zero of Katrina. Imagine if the GOP had held their convention on the actual grounds of Ground Zero in NY?

One point I tried to clear up is that New Orleans' infrastructure will not be an issue. The Superdome is reopening in September 2006, most hotels are already open, and and there are big trade shows/conventions starting this summer in New Orleans.

The obvious points in favor of Denver were made, but some questioned whether the choice of a city made any political difference. One response was: You can't just pick the city and then stop - make it a theme, and for Denver, the theme is clearly how the Mountain West can/should be turning Democratic. And the obvious next step is to pick a keynote speaker that extends the theme - i.e, a certain popular Governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would hosting the convention on Katrina anniversary dates be a controversial issue?

Isn't the goal to see the city of New Orleans and its residents thrive again?

We're not talking next week, next month, or even next year for crying out loud.

We're talking about DNC Convention 2008!

If the city of New Orleans places their bid for the convention, then HELLO - they obviously want to host it.

I'd say that the only concern might be the bizarre weather pattern we're in. The dates of the convention are still during the hurricane season and they'd sure have to have a plan B ready if needed.

Other than that, go for it New Orleans!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to New Orleans, I think Denver would be a better host city.

By having the convention in New Orleans, the media and the country will inevitably be drawn into a re-examination of the botched hurricane relief and recovery effort. While this is truly a debacle of historic proportions, I believe the 2008 Democratic Convention should look towards the future, not the past.

Americans know the Bush administration is incompetent. Americans know the President's mediocrity (at best), has been enabled by the Republican majority in Congress.

Instead of laying blame, and recounting Republican failures, the 2008 Democratic Convention needs to focus on our plan, our vision for the country. Americans want answers to their problems, not explanations of how the Republicans have been hurting this country since the 2000 election.

I think Denver would be a better venue for moving our agenda, and our nation forward.

Anonymous said...

If we have our convention in New Orleans the Republicans will just say: "Look how well we rebuilt the city, the Democrats can host their convention there!"

The best options for the Democrats are either Denver or Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

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