Thursday, February 16, 2006

New York update

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From the New York Daily News:

New York is in the running for another Grand Ol' Party for national Republicans in 2008 - and one for Democrats, too.
"We look forward to working with both the Republican and the Democratic national committees to convince them that New York is the place to be a little over two years from now," [Bloomberg spokeswoman Jennifer] Falk said.

Bloomberg pressed hard to bring both conventions to New York in 2004, but negotiations with the Democratic National Committee fell apart. The Dems held their party in Boston over the summer, while the GOP convention was at Madison Square Garden shortly before Labor Day.
DNC press secretary Josh Earnest said his office is already moving on its next conventions, having approached about 35 cities at the beginning of the year. They've gotten 11 responses from interested cities, including New York and hurricane-ravaged New Orleans.