Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Detroit and San Antonio still unsure about bids

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Detroit still is unsure whether they are going to bid for the 2008 Democratic Convention:

"We have expressed interest in receiving the bidding papers from the Democratic Party," Ceeon Quiett, spokeswoman for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, said Monday. "But we have not made any decisions about either convention."

The state Democratic Party and the Detroit Visitors and Convention Bureau will help if the city decides to make a bid.

"We've got a track record now after the All-Star Game, the auto show and the Super Bowl," said party Chairman Mark Brewer.

Well at least Ms. Quiett now admits to the city expressing interest, unlike her confusion 10 days ago.

San Antonio is also not yet committed to making a bid:

City officials said it is too early to determine the seriousness of a bid.

"Sure, we're interested," said Scott Wudel with the city's Department of Communications and Public Affairs. "But we have to determine if it's even feasible."


J.J. Saulino, communications director for Mayor Phil Hardberger, said the mayor would look closely at the cost of making the bid and hosting the convention compared with the payoff San Antonio would get.


DavidNYC said...

The auto show? Man, if Detroit can't do autos, then come on! That's a gimme.

Anonymous said...

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