Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Host city poll over at Daily Kos

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I've got a post and a poll over at Daily Kos. Vote for your choice to host the 2008 Democratic Convention.

Results as of 1:00 PM EST 2/16/06: [November poll results in ()]

Denver 35% (51%)
New Orleans 25% (11%)
Minneapolis 7% (NA)
Detroit 6% (3%)
Phoenix 6% (NA)

(Both polls with almost 300 votes)

There's still a lot of understandable support for New Orleans out there, Denver remains the favorite.


Anonymous said...

New Orleans is the genius choice. The city needs the money, the Demos need the boost, and if the Republicans snag N.O. as their host city, the Demos will spend the next 4 years shaking their heads and wondering why they didn't.

Marc said...

Denver? Why Denver? For the food? The culture? New Orleans is the only great choice.

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