Monday, December 17, 2007

$15 million goal met... next goal is in March

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After meeting their December goal last Friday, DNCC fund raisers don't have time to pat themselves on the back. According to CW2 the next fundraising goal is to raise $13 million by March 17th.

"We're talking to individuals, large corporations, small businesses," said Wedgeworth. "It's a comprehensive approach to raising a lot of money."

It's a question that Wedgeworth (Committe President) is confident will be answered in the months to come. In total, Denver must come up with $40 million in cash, and another $15 million in donated goods and services.

"In term of our enthusiasm, on a scale of one to 10, we're like a 15, and we've always been that way," Wedgeworth said. "So I think that's what's helped us get through the whole thing."
If you have a spare $13 million lying around or would like to make a smaller donation to the convention you can get more information here