Thursday, December 27, 2007

Convention security bill signed into law

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President Bush signed the $555 billion omnibus bill on Wednesday. The bill gives both Denver and Minneapolis $50 million for convention security.

"Yea!" exclaimed Elbra Wedgeworth, president of the Denver 2008 Host Committee. "We want to have a great time and to make sure we're safe. For small cities like us and Minneapolis-St. Paul, it's critical."

Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman said recently that the department already had dedicated staff resources to planning for security, and Katherine Archuleta, the mayor's liaison for the convention, said they would be going to Washington in January to discuss the money distribution.

"What it means now is we can move forward immediately with the Department of Justice to establish the payment method, and we can anticipate expenditures in training and equipment," she said. - RMN

This will be a huge boost for convention funding and is the earliest that the funding has been given for conventions. Boston was not reimbursed for security in 2004 until the Democratic National Convention was over.


George Herrera said...

I have applied as a vendor for the DNC. In my application I requested that my company be listed as security. I have quailifications in this area being a retired Police officer (Denver). I believe that with the Government passing funding for the Convention that small business's should be used and receive monies appropriated for this event also. Iam very familiar with the downtown area and I beleive that there is a need for this type of help not at the cost of Police overtime. Whether Democrat or Republican small business's should be involved and used. I am minority and I do have a disability but am capable of working.