Friday, December 21, 2007

Dem convention could boost mountain tourism

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Towns like Aspen and Glenwood Springs are looking forward to the Democratic National Convention almost as much as Denver is:

Local tourism officials are hoping that when Democrats converge for the national convention in Denver next summer, the party will spill over here.

Democrats are saying it will be the largest convention in Colorado history. That could mean some delegates' motoring West while they're in Denver, and statewide publicity from the pack of journalists who descend on them.

"It's kind of like the Super Bowl of politics," said Marianne Virgili, CEO of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association. "Everybody is aware of how much buzz the Super Bowl generates in the hosting community, and I think the same will be the case for the whole state of Colorado when the Democratic convention comes to town. I know the state tourism board is very excited, not only about the convention itself, but the opportunity to promote the state to attendees and to the media community watching." - Aspen Daily News

How could you travel to Colorado and not visit the mountains?