Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still no availability at the Red Lion-Denver

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A quick update on the stripping of Michigan's delegates. Turns out Michigan's been given 30 days notice:

The rule-making body of the Democratic National Committee ... tentatively recommended stripping Michigan of all its 156 delegate slots at the August 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver for setting a primary date of Jan. 15. The DNC panel said the penalty would take effect in 30 days unless the state party submits a delegate selection plan that complies with DNC rules.
According to the DNCC, the delegates haven't actually been taken away yet - that won't happen until after the 30 days expire. So Michigan gets to keep its hotel rooms, for now. But just in case they become available, Colorado Confidential gives us the room details:
"Enjoy the ambiance that soaring ceilings, slate stone columns, rich hardwood fixtures, Tibetan area rugs and a hand-painted mural provide," the website for the Red Lion reads. "Rooms feature brand new furniture, a 27" flat tube TV set along with free high-speed wireless high-speed Internet access and a pool and fitness center."
Wow, a 27'' flat tube TV. Also available for $299 at Best Buy.