Thursday, December 27, 2007

Superdelegates lean toward Clinton

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A superdelegate, unlike a normal delegate, is able to make their own choice on who to nominate at the convention. In a tight race it may come down to superdelegates and who they nominate as to who wins. While the race may be decided by Super Tuesday on February 5th, it's a good idea to take a look at who the superdelegates are and who they will nominate.

New Hampshire and Iowa will have to wait. The nation's first presidential primary, for Democrats anyway, is being waged among hundreds of party insiders — superdelegates who could play a big part in selecting the nominee at next summer's national convention.

So far, most of them still haven't been sold on any of the candidates.

The Associated Press contacted 90 percent of the 765 superdelegates, mostly elected officials and other partyofficers, who are free to support anyone they choose at the convention, regardless of what happens in the primaries.

Hillary Rodham Clinton leads Barack Obama by more than a 2-1 margin among those who have endorsed a candidate. But a little more than half of those contacted — 365 — said they haven't settled on a Democratic standard bearer. - AP

This poll was conducted almost a month ago so things have probably changed quite a bit.
In the coming weeks we will try to get a handle on where the superdelegate votes will go.

Superdelegates include the 235 Democratic House members and nonvoting representatives, 49 senators, the District of Columbia’s two “shadow senators” and 28 governors. They total 314 — about 14 percent of the 2,182 delegates a candidate will need to secure the party’s presidential nomination at next year’s national convention in Denver. - PoliticsWest
The most recent updates to the Superdelegate Endorsement list can be found here


Anonymous said...

DNC members from Nevada
Dina Titus- Clinton
Steven Horsford- Obama
DNC from California
Ed Espinoza- Richardson

Anonymous said...

DNC members from Wisconsin
Joe Wineke - Edwards
Tim Sullivan - Clinton

Anonymous said...

DNC members from Illinois
Tom Hynes - Obama
As I'm sure most of the delegation is

Anonymous said...

Senator Claire McCaskill (MO) has endorsed Barack Obama (1-13-08)

Anonymous said...

There's just too much pile-on on the Clintons. I don't think it is right. Why can't they say anything about Obama. Answer: They can't simply do that. They are scared of Obama. I am for Hillary. Not that I am crazy about her, but, too much has been said and as a consequence, damage are going on.
Take it easy... I want to hear something about Obama - from the cowards.

Anonymous said...

chris matthews - brezenski - scarborrough and to the rest of those who are Clinton haters. You are all scared of Obama. That's how I see it. You are all sooooo scardy cats of Obama.