Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wyoming Governor planning on attending convention

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Wyoming's Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal will make the 100 mile trip to Denver after not attending a convention since 1984. Although he will attend it doesn't sound like he's too enthusiastic about it.

"I heard from a couple of my daughters, as well as my wife, that I was planning to go to the convention," he said. "I just wasn't aware of that at the time."

Freudenthal skipped the 2004 convention in Boston, even though -- as governor -- he was an automatic superdelegate who had a vote. The only Democratic convention he has attended was San Francisco in 1984.

Freudenthal said he still doesn't like any of the candidates and is frustrated they aren't talking about issues he thinks are important, like the weak U.S. dollar and national debt. Wyoming Democratic Party spokesman Bill Luckett said the state party had expected Freudenthal would attend.

"Beyond the politics of it, this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the governor and his family to hop in the family truckster and drive 100 miles down I-25 to go to the national convention," Luckett said. - Casper Star-Tribune

Freudenthal is one of about 800 superdelegates which allows him to nominate a candidate on his own without following his state party's choice.
"I have yet to hear one talk about the impact of the declining dollar in terms of what it has done, and its contribution to the price of oil," Freudenthal said. "It just seems to me from watching the debates and listening to this stuff is all discouraging. I think if your children behaved that way at Thanksgiving dinner, you send them to their room." - Casper Star-Tribune
Pay attention Dennis Kucinich... this may be your chance to get a delegate!