Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Will the media count Florida and Michigan?

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We've been discussing in the comments what might actually happen to the Florida and Michigan delegates, and a point I've raised is: What will the media do? As the media reports the ongoing delegate tallies, will it include Florida and Michigan or not? Well, thegreenpapers is an excellent reference site for elections, and they've decided to report both counts, "Soft", with sanctions, and "Alternative", with no sanctions. We'll wait to see what the major papers and the AP does, and with Iowa less 9 days away and Michigan in 3 weeks, we'll know soon enough.


David said...

I don't understand... the rules were put forth, everyone agreed to them, why should those delegates be seated? If we are going to seat them, then we need to have a real primary in those states in which candidates are able to get thier message out there.

nosanka said...

Ditto Let us in Michigan have a crack at this thing. Kirk

darren said...

Why are the Obama people content with accepting the results of elections handicapped by state budgetary issues(the Kansas and other caucuses are a joke when you consider their results represent in some cases less than 20% of the state registered voters, and allowed in other cases republicans to vote in democrats' forums), but discontented by state sanctioned, financed, and court upheld elections in which millions of people cast their votes? Sounds alot like "run Obama run" from open and fair election processes! Obama had a crack in Michigan and ran from the foreseen result by pulling his name off the ballot(what a momentous way to overturn election polling) and ran the same ad campaign in Florida as Hillary, only to muster another less than 35% of registered demopcrats. So this you do understand, lack of representation for those you squeezed out of the caucus process and lack of representation for those waiting for their elected delegates to be represented.

nosanka said...

I wasn't aware it was Obama's political manipulation that kept him off the ballot in Mich/Fla, but a DNC ruling that suspended voting in both states.
Clinton put her name on the ballots, I thought, because she felt they were her states, anyway, and with no effort she'd win for popularity's sake, or, as it may be, misused to advantage.
I want Obama and it will be painful to see typical political machinations spoil the fun.
I've read that the DNC is prepared to finance voting in Fla/Mich. Let's do that or scrub those delegates.

Concerned voter said...

Living in MI, we were told if you wanted to vote for obama, to vote uncommitted. Thats what happened. Nobody was told to take their name off the ballot and move on to the next election, but obama did anyway. One more fact, they agree not to campaign here, but obama still did tv ad's. In my view, seat the delegates because everyone in both states were well aware of the ballot issues. Neither state can afford the election in terms of money or time. Everyone was an adult and new what the rules were.

Unknown said...
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John said...

Florida Demands Representation

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086431 said...

It was decided that the states will not count -- so they should not count. plain and simple. It sounds like a dirty play to me (if they were to be counted as is).