Wednesday, June 25, 2008

$50 Million Approved for Convention Security

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Finally some good news involving money and the convention.

Federal officials have told the city they approved the $50 million in federal funds to offset any security-related costs for hosting the Democratic National Convention, a top aide to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper said Tuesday.

Katherine Archuleta, the mayor's liaison to the convention, said she learned the news during a telephone conversation with federal officials Monday.

"They want to give the money to us as quickly as possible," Archuleta told Denver City Council members during their weekly meeting with Hickenlooper.

The money will be used to reimburse expenditures related to providing security for the convention, Aug. 25-28. Because the Republican and Democratic national conventions are deemed national special security events, federal funds are provided for security, and the expenditures are approved by the Department of Justice. Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul, home of the GOP convention in September, each will receive $50 million.

It took 2 years before Boston was fully reimbursed for security at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.