Saturday, June 28, 2008

State Fair cattle sales may be lower due to convention

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We told you that the annual State Fair Train from Denver to Pueblo was canceled due to the convention. That may not be the only effect that the convention brings to the Colorado State Fair.

Party politics could hamper the kids' big payday at the Colorado State Fair Junior Livestock Sale this year.

With the Democratic National Convention scheduled in Denver the same time as the 136th annual expo, there's been lingering concern that some of the top youth livestock bidders from the Denver area won't attend this year's sale.

The concern centers on the Denver Rustlers, a buying group consisting of some of Denver's top business people, movers and shakers.

"No, the market for the Colorado State Fair will not be affected by the Democratic National Convention," General Manager Chris Wiseman said Wednesday at the monthly meeting of the Fair's board of commissioners. "We spent the last month talking to our buyers. We're feeling better about the Junior Livestock Sale this month than the last one." - Pueblo Chieftan
I can see Rush and Gunny Bob screaming that the Democrats are taking money from the hands of poor rural farm kids.