Friday, June 06, 2008

Clinton's last superdelegate endorsement

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In the midst of the superdelegate flood on Tuesday, one endorsement stood out. Not counting the South Dakota endorsements of Clinton by Sen. Tim Johnson and DNC member Cheryl Chapman, who both followed their state's vote, Clinton's last superdelegate endorsement was from Wyoming DNC member Cindy Nunley:

Let's say this for Wyoming Democrat Cindy Nunley: No one can accuse her of political expediency.

On Tuesday evening, as Barack Obama stood on the brink of securing enough delegate support to declare himself the party's presumptive presidential nominee, Nunley announced her support -- for the loser in the two-way race, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As a member of the Democratic National Committee, Nunley is a superdelegate to the party's August convention in Denver. And, it appears, the last party official to board the sinking Clinton ship. - LA Times
At 8:25 p.m. (EDT), while part of Clinton's campaign presumably was in the process of dismantling itself, her press office sent out notice that Nunley had announced her support for the senator from New York -- the first superdelegate to do so during the day. - LA Times
Cynthia Nunley, a national committeewoman, says she waited to announce her decision until each state held its Democratic presidential nominating contest. The final primaries are being held Tuesday in Montana and South Dakota.

Nunley says she is supporting Clinton because of her commitment to veterans, the number of new voters she brought into the process and the "strength and determination" she's showed throughout the race. - AP

We haven't noticed whether she's switched to Obama since Tuesday.


Hope 4 Obama said...

What a weird lady. What are the remaining holdouts waiting for? According to DCW, there are 117 super-Ds who have not yet endorsed???

Therapy Cat said...

Then we have former Rep. Buddy Leach of Louisiana who declared for HRC on Sunday and switched back to Obama on Wednesday. I have more respect for the "weird lady."

ahoff48 said...

So far for today I haven't seen very many endorsements, despite the "deadline" of today.
Harry Reid; Governor Stephen Beshear of Kentucky, Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Chair Nick Casey of West Virginia;Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed;
and Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio (switched).

I am really annoyed that my own Rep., Ed Markey, hasn't made an endorsement at all. Look forward to all your updates!

markhwebb said...

I suppose that Ms. Nunley will go down in history as the "last supporter" of the Clinton campaign. Let's see what Hillary has to say tomorrow. Will be interesting to see if she actually concedes.

Dan Werner said...

Bob Dylan endorses Obama:

Now *that* is a "super" endorsement! Who needs Al Gore when you can have Bob Dylan!

MKSinSA said...

Hey markhwebb,

I think it would be interesting to see if Nunley is acknowledged as the "last supporter" tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Nunley might have actually helped the Clinton campaign if she'd endorsed in March. Doing it when she did was a case of "why bother?".

edscottwy said...

I am so embarrassed for my state of Wyoming. Nunley's endorsement certainly isn't representative of the people of Wyoming. She must be a feminist transplant from out of state. By doing this she may have cost Trauner a lot of votes in his quest for Wyoming's surprisingly close house seat race. Perplexing to say the least.