Saturday, June 14, 2008

Florida delegate controversy

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Unlike Michigan, where the vetting of the Obama (actually Uncommitted) delegates went smoothly, there's controversy over part of Obama's Florida delegation:

So much for party unity: As Florida Dems prepare for Saturday's Jefferson-Jackson dinner aimed at bringing the party "together once and for all," a spat over the Obama campaign's decision to replace some already-designated Florida delegates with Obama backers has intensified.

And how. DNC member Jon Ausman late Thursday e-mailed Dems (and reporters) choice sections of what he says were e-mails from Obama's Florida finance chair Kirk Wagar -- in which Wagar curses Ausman out and criticizes Sen. Bill Nelson and party director Leonard Joseph.

The highlights: "You (Jon Ausman) f&^%ed us. We are dealing with it. You need to accept the fact that you f*&^ed us."

And of Nelson: "I am getting very sick of (Senator) Nelson making a bad situation worse." - Miami Herald
The issue concerns 26 state-wide Obama delegates picked by the state party. The CD-level delegates picked on March 1 have all been vetted. Reading between the lines, the Obama campaign probably wants to reward some of the key supporters with delegate slots, and that means replacing some previously selected delegates who probably already have their plane reservations made.

Politico has the full Ausman-Wagar correspondence.