Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Host Committee Announces Single Event to Replace State Delegation Parties

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Denver, CO - June 4, 2008 - After consultation with the Democratic National Convention Committee, the Denver 2008 Host Committee today announced that it will direct delegates to a single celebration commemorating the recovery and rebuilding of areas affected by Hurricane Katrina in lieu of individual delegate welcoming events. The event, to be hosted by the Friends of New Orleans, will be held Sunday, Aug. 24, three years after Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Region in August, 2005.

The single-event format provides a natural forum to unite delegates and other convention guests in a festive environment for a worthwhile cause on an important anniversary. Friends of New Orleans is an international organization committed to supporting the ongoing recovery and rebuilding of the Gulf Coast Region.

"People across the country have poured their heart and soul into helping rebuild New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf Coast Region," said Host Committee President/Chair Elbra Wedgeworth. "This event will recognize those efforts, and we hope all of the delegates and guests to the Democratic National Convention will join in this commemorative event."

This consolidation supported by the Democratic National Convention Committee will enable the Host Committee to focus greater resources and energy into activities taking place in and around the Pepsi Center, where the actual Convention is being held Aug. 25-Aug. 28. This also provides the City of Denver and Convention attendees a chance to honor the three-year anniversary of Katrina.

Previous plans for delegate welcoming events included gatherings at 24 different locations around Denver, each of which would host anywhere from one to five delegations. The consolidation of the delegate celebrations will not, however, detract from Denver's efforts to showcase itself to the tens of thousands of elected officials, delegates, media and other guests who will be in Denver for the Convention. Hundreds of events are planned in and around Denver that will highlight the city's cultural diversity and rich history. The Historic Five Points Jazz Festival, Media Welcoming Celebration and Symposia of the Rockies are just some of the events taking place at unique spots around the city during Convention Week.

In addition, the Host Committee and City of Denver are engaging citizens across the country through its Call to Democracy efforts highlighted by the America:Live and In Person initiative and Cinemocracy Short Film Festival. People in Denver for the convention will also be able to view the 10 site-specific art installations of Dialog:City, which combines art, democracy and digital media.

Friends of New Orleans is a non-profit organization dedicated to the ongoing recovery efforts in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Following this event, which will invite all 56 delegations attending the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Denver's Fillmore Auditorium will present the "New Orleans All-Star Jam-Balaya," a concert featuring both the music and food that made New Orleans famous. - Press Release


Orlando said...

ABC NEWS: Clinton quitting on Friday.

Mark Miller said...

A 5000+ person party...

I'm not going to Denver as a delegate because I'm anti-social, but... what do you DO at a 5000 person party? All the famous people will be surrounded by 100 each. Maybe I'll try to take a picture of one person from every state!