Friday, June 27, 2008

Wayward delegate to fight for her seat

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More on Wisconsin Clinton delegate Debra Bartoshevich, who previously stated she's voting for McCain in the fall, and so became the focus of a rules challenge. She's sticking to her statement and trying to keep her delegate status:

A Democratic National Convention delegate pledged to Hillary Rodham Clinton says she hopes to fight off an attempt by Wisconsin Democrats to take away her credentials because of her past statement that she would vote for John McCain if Clinton wasn't the nominee.

"Keeping national delegate status is very important to me," Debra Bartoshevich said Thursday. "I believe that Hillary is the better candidate of all of them."
She told the newspaper she felt Clinton was being treated unfairly and she questioned Obama's experience. She also said she had signed up with "Citizens for McCain," encouraged by her sister, who has served in Iraq and backs the Republican.
She got a copy Wednesday of the formal credentials challenge filed by the state party, which, among other things, said she violated party rules by expressing support for the presumptive nominee of the opposing party and failing to honor a pledge of intent to vote for the party's presidential ticket in the fall.
Seems pretty clear. She either needs to state she's supporting Obama, or give up her seat. I mean, if she truly supports McCain, why would she want to go to Denver anyway?