Monday, June 23, 2008

Studebaker convoy to the Democratic National Convention

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Early this morning twenty delegates to the Democratic National Convention will leave in five Studebaker automobiles from Chicago for a 1,200 mile trip to Denver. Along the way they will be joined by more cars carrying delegations from Missouri and Kansas.

Although the railroads do not approve of the trip by auto, at every stopping point bands and welcoming committees will greet the delegations. William Jennings Bryan himself will meet the auto train in Lincoln, Neb. with a contingent of Democrats and Republicans to meet the delegations.

The trip from the Windy City to the Queen City of the Plains will pass through many towns and cities along the route, including Clinton, Cedar Rapids, Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Julesburg and Sterling.

When the cars travel through Kansas, a prohibition state, the delegates won't have to worry about a lack of beverages. The Studebaker Auto Company has set up a refrigerator car, which will carry beverages and free lunches throughout the entire trip.

The Studebaker auto train to Denver has set a precedent for the National Convention, as only the finest Chauffeurs in the business will be piloting the vehicles. - Rocky Mountain News 6/23/1908

Considering the fact that most roads looked like this back in 1908... this was no small task.
There are more stories from the 1908 Democratic Convention in Denver at the Rocky Mountain News website.