Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still 11 states left without applications for convention blogger credentials

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If you read my story from last month you'll know that there were still several states without any blogger credential applications for the convention.

A little more than a month later there are still 11 states with no applications.

South Dakota
West Virginia

If you're a blogger and you want to get into the convention in August this may be your best chance for a ticket. And if your state isn't mentioned in the list above don't worry. Most states only have a couple applications that have been entered.

2008 DemConvention State Blogger Corps (PDF)
Recognizing the growth of more localized blogs, this pool is designed for those covering state and local politics. To qualify as a state blogger, the applicant’s blog must have been in existence six months prior to requesting credentials and have at least 120 politically related blog posts. Bloggers must submit their daily audience and list their authority based on Technorati stats. Bloggers may also provide examples of posts that make their blog stand out as an effective online organizing tool and/or agent of change.

Once the state bloggers have been identified for the DemConvention State Blogger Corps, the applications of those not selected for this program will all be transferred for consideration for the general blogger pool.
If you've been planning on entering your blog but figured you'd wait, your time is running out. The deadline for applications is April 15th and bloggers will be notified in May if they will be getting credentials.


Unknown said...

I don't know where else to ask, and you don't have any comments yet here so...

-Do you have an update on the Democrats Abroad delegate count? How many pledged delegates are at stake?

-How are Michigan's Uncommitted delegates chosen? Are there actual people who have pledged to Uncommitted who are ready to go to the convention should they be seated?

I think a momentous occasion might have gone unnoticed when Obama's total delegates plus the Uncommitteds actually passed HRC's total delegates including Mich. and Fla. What this means (assuming the Uncommitteds vote for Obama) is that even if Mich. and Fla. are seated, Obama has more delegates than Clinton. If that holds then there will be a clear winner and peace in the party.

2009 Journal Writer said...

To davefordemocracy:

I get my updated counts for all delegates at They have stats for all states, including the Democrats Abroad and best estimates of the Michigan and Florida counts.

Matt said...

First, your point about Obama+Uncommitted greater than Clinton has gone somewhat unnoticed, partially because its Michigan, and partially because its difficult to see what will happen with the Uncommitted. We're going to do some posts on this, but what happens next is District Conventions on March 29 and State Convention on May 17. Actual delegates to the national convention are picked on May 17. Its unclear if Obama can pick up actual delegates at either stage, or whether Uncommitted delegates will actually be picked to go to the convention.

Unknown said...

wow. An advertisement for blogging. The irony!