Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday? I want Super Tuesday!

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If you're a political geek like me you may be somewhat interested in the Super Bowl today. Sure it gives you an excuse to get together with friends and have fun. What I'm ready for is Super Tuesday.

Instead of 3 hours of excitement (less if it's a rout) you have a full day (and late night) of anticipation and drama. And if you live in a Super Tuesday state like me, you get to take part in the action.

Tuesday has the possibility of deciding the future of our country. If the race remains close the campaigns will continue and our superdelegate friends will become just a little more important.

On the Republican side we'll more than likely find out who the nominee will be. Will it be Mitt Romney who campaigned at a Denver car dealership and isn't nice to dogs or John McCain who thinks we should stay in Iraq for 100 years and bomb bomb Iran.

Update from Matt: Hey, you wouldn't say this if the Broncos were in it. Go Giants!

Update 2 from Matt: Super Tuesday will also include a Giants Super Bowl ticker-tape victory parade in downtown Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

Oh i know it! I am so excited about Super Tuesday I can barely sleep at night =p