Sunday, February 10, 2008

720/796 is not the final superdelegate number

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Just a reminder that the number of regular superdelegates, now at 720, can easily change up or down, depending on circumstances. Here are just a few of the events that have or will change the number. (The 76 add-ons will stay constant).

  • Joan Fitz-Gerald left the DLCC last year, and was replaced by Mark Schauer, but he is from Michigan. Michigan doesn't get any superdelegates as of now, so down 1.
  • There is an open House seat in Indiana, with a special election in March where the Democrat is favored. Up 1. (There are other open house seats too, with the Republican favored, but maybe we'll get lucky).
  • If an at-large delegate moves into or out of Michigan or Florida, the number will go up or down appropriately.
  • And, of course, if the Michigan and Florida delegations are seated, the numbers will increase.
As always, for the most accurate list of superdelegates anywhere on or off the web, check out our lists of superdelegates who have endorsed and those who haven't endorsed a candidate.

Update: Representative Tom Lantos has died. Lantos was 80 years old and the only Holocaust survivor to serve in Congress. I always liked listening to him on CSPAN... he will be missed by all. This brings the superdelegate number down by 1.


RWP said...

First off I real want to thank you two for producing such a wonderfully compiled blog, it is really appreciated. I have a question: Today, here in WA, we had our local caucus events. By the end of the event I was elected as a delegate to represent our candidate for our local precinct this April 19th. How do I find out ore about this process? Second question: do I stand any chance at all to represent WA at the DNC in Denver? Thanks!

Unknown said...

I would imagine you need to contact your local party to find out about that, as it's different in every state. I have no idea how they choose the pledged delegate representatives for the national conference, but I do know that they try and get the most loyal people to that candidate, so try and look as fanatical as possible. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
grats for becoming adelegate to the county convention.
The base unit of organization is the precinct. A precinct may contain several blocks in an urban area or a group of houses in suburban or rural areas. There is an average of 511 voters in a precinct.
The Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) is the state-wide umbrella organization for the Democratic Party. Each LD and county organization elects a female representative and male representative to the WSDCC.
Washington Democrazs are sending 78 pledged delegates to the DNC plus a number of superdelegates.
Precinct level caucuses are the first step in a process that is followed by legislative district caucuses on April 5, county conventions on either April 12 or April 19 (except in rural counties where they are held simultaneously with legislative district caucuses), and Congressional district caucuses on May 15 (with at large delegates selected in the state convention on June 13 and 14)
In the Democratic party stands the rule that 50% of the delegates have to be females. Also the ethnic groups have to reprensent in their amount of ratio.
So if you make it to the Congressional district, you have quite a good chance to represent Washington at the DNC. Cheer up, Guy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
I have to add:
There are 49 legislative districts and 39 counties in Washington.
The Party will chosse 51 delegates at District level, 17 at large, which means the state convenbtion and 10 PLEO delegates (high officers n the party).
So the delegates who will go for the district to the DNC, wil be elected at the Congressional district level (CDL). You should find out how many of the 51 delegates will be elected at your CDL.

RWP said...

Ben and Germandummy (not a very flattering name?) Thank you very much for your info and help. I have been very excited about my delegate position win, but didn't want to get too excited if it wasn't actually what I thought it to be, I now know differently. April 19th is the next big day for my candidate and I as we move on through the process! Very cool! Thank you to everyone again, you have all been very helpful. I will be updating my blog with details to my journey as I move forward. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

And, of course, any superdelegate could die at any time, or get a desease or injury that prevents him or her from travelling, and won't necessarily be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Michigan and Florida must sit!

How can you not count 2 million votes, that's shovinist dictatorship!

Anonymous said...

It's spelled chauvinist.

I imagine you were equally appalled last summer/fall when it became clear that the DNC would strip the delegates and that candidates would pledge not to campaign in either state, right? You were writing e-mails to your congressman demanding that something be done about this injustice?

Oh that's right, you weren't.

Because you're a lying shill for the Clinton campaign who wants her to get an extra 200 delegates by changing the rules in the middle of the election.

Sounds intellectually honest to me!

Anonymous said...

Senator Schauer is not a superdelegate.

Matt said...

I believe Schauer is a superdelegate. He became vice-chair of the DLCC in April, 2007.

Anonymous said...

This site is incredible. Thank you for sourcing everything so meticulously!

I read that Lieberman will not longer be a superdelegate. Not sure if you've amended the "total count" for that... but it seemed relevant to this post.

Oreo said...

We never added Lieberman to our list.

He caucuses with the Dems (supposedly) but since he isn't a Democratic Senator he wouldn't be a superdelegate even if he hadn't endorsed McCain.

For the same reason, Senator Bernie Sanders also is not a superdelegate.

Anonymous said...

The Dream of We have always wanted is finally starting to turn into the Nightmare that we ALL would prefer did not happen.

What is the Nightmare?

One the Obama side we have the opportunity to elect the first Black? President of the USA.

On the other side we have the opportunity to elect the first Women President of the USA.

Obviously we can’t have a Black and a Women President at the same time.

Yes I have been naughty and visited other blog sites and had a look at the war that is going on in the various camps.

This blog is no different in many respects. However we seem to be a little more civilized in this camp, even though we do have those who make comments re: race (across the board) and gender.

So the point of this is as follows –

Is the Dream that both camps are wanting so desperately going to happen?

One for sure is not going to be elected as the Nominee. That is certain.

If it is Mr Obama’s side that looses I can see outrage and the democrat vote going either to Obama the very die hard democrats in the Obama camp, and some of these questionable blow in Independents? Which I seriously believe are in the most part republicans and will not vote for Obama anyways but are there to destabilise the vote in favor of cracking the democratic party.

Then if Mrs Clinton looses, I can see at least 25% of the party voters that have voted for her going to the Republican camp. McCain.

So in a General Election who ever wins is going to be going up against a brick wall in both camps of the Democratic Party.

Krugman claims “most of the venom I see is coming from supporters of Mr. Obama, who want their hero or nobody.”

I am sure this is the case for those that support Mrs Clinton. I am sure of it. You know my position, and I will be sticking with the outcome of the Nomination Process.

The way the 2 camps are now, and by the time the Nominee is over the line it is going to be way to late to heal this party.

Howard Dean has a great deal to answer for in allowing the MI and FL votes to be invalidated. Voters will also remember this when it comes time to vote in the General Election.

Add that to the destruction which is going on in the Party now with Mr Obama’s supporters and Mrs Clinton’s supporters, we are paving the way to 4 years of McCain.

Whilst we might win absolute control in the Senate in Fall, I doubt that we will win the General Election for President.

The Party has to sort out MI & FL situation NOW!!

Both Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton need to sort out what is best for the Party NOW!!!

If this nomination process goes on for much longer it is going to be destruction for the party.

Don’t believe me, then read all the blogs in this DCW Blog. See the venom in it towards Mrs Clinton and vice a versa. This is an example of what is going to happen.

The press are having a field day and guess what, we are the ones who are giving them the field day.

Unless there is a Joint ticket and someone is going to have to give way, then the Presidency is going to go to the Republicans.

The hatred is so intense now, that nothing of real substance is going to bring the party together.

You have the super delegates which may vote in block for Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama’s supporters will go hell to leather over it if they see this happen.

If the Delegates go for Mr Obama, you will see long term Democrats either vote Independent candidates or will decline to vote in the Presidential Election part of the General Election.

It is too late, this nomination process has gone on too long.

Someone has to give way otherwise by June the party will be so fractured it will be too late.

Fence sitters need to get off their bums and make the decision that needs to be made now before it becomes totally broken.

I have never seen this sort of venom in my entire life.

Just something to think about folks. (SERIOUSLY FOLKS) sorry ben for shouting, now I will go in sit in the corner and do my penance for shouting. hehe

Nana Karry (a little humour for the evening)

Unknown said...

I agree. I came to the conclusion before Super Tuesday that I could indeed by support and be excited by Sen. Clinton, despite my rabid Obama fan status for nearly four years. We need to realize that the only way McCain is getting into the White House is if we keep fighting and making threats not to vote, or go GOP against our favored candidate. I read that Op-ed with the 'venom' quote today, and I wholeheartedly agreed that Obama fans are too close-minded right now, but at the same time I was disappointed that the editor, a Clinton supporter, lacked the obvious insight to see that a large number of Clintonites are doing the same damn thing. Stop arguing about who will or won't get elected and come to the realization that BOTH of these candidates are in far superior positions to beat the hell out of McCain in the fall. No one is going to vote for a 71 year old man, one who can barely read a speech and one who wants to keep us in Iraq for 100 years. Good luck fixing our economy while we spend trillions on a country that has never lived under self rule without oppressing a majority of its people.

I also think that we could have a black and a woman president at the same time, just maybe not this year ;p.

I also don't think that FL or MI are really that vital to resolving this rift. Hopefully the DNC will get its stuff together and find a solution during the Texas/Ohio to Penn break.