Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dallas drops out - and then there were 6

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I wrote back in February on Dallas's lack of committment to bidding for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and now it's finally official, Dallas is out. From Democracy in Action:

Frank Poe, CEO of the Dallas Convention Center City of Dallas, stated in a May 1, 2006 e-mail, "Dallas is not preparing a bid for either meeting for 2008. Current business activity in our primary convention facilities do not provide the dates needed for either meeting.........We believe 2012 would be a better time period for Dallas to prepare bid documents for these two important meetings."
This leaves 6 cities left in contention to host the 2008 Democratic Convention: Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New Orleans and New York.


Anonymous said...

I predict one of the following three to go next: New Orleans, L:as Vegas, or New York. I'm leaning N.O. or N.Y.. Matt, what do you think?

Matt said...

I'd be suprised if New York drops out. They could probably just take their proposals for the 2004 convention, change to 2008, and resubmit.

New Orleans is a different story. Mayor Nagin's in a tough re-election campaign, and I wonder if that would distract from putting together a proposal, especially a proposal as sensitive as New Orlean's would be.

Anonymous said...

I agree. New Orleans will probably go BEFORE New York.