Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Quick GOP update

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The deadline to submit bids for the 2008 Republican Convention was yesterday, and four cities submitted bids: Cleveland, Minneapolis, New York, and Tampa/St. Pete. Which means Minneapolis and New York are bidding for both conventions. Since the conventions are in back-to-back weeks, there's no way for the conventions to be in the same city, so each either city would instantly drop out of the bidding for one convention if they got the other. But New York City Mayor Bloomberg knows the odds of New York getting the GOP convention again is small:

"Typically conventions do not go to the same city two years in a row, but we're not a city of quitters," Mr. Bloomberg said at the opening of a Fairway market in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.

Although it is too early to judge any city's chances, said Aaron McLear, a spokesman for the Republican Party, it is not unusual for a city to play host to back-to-back conventions. The Republicans went to Miami Beach in 1968 and 1972, he said, while the Democrats were in New York in 1976 and 1980.

The Democrats are supposed to announce their city in the fall, and the GOP early next year. But if both parties are focused on one city, it could get interesting. I don't think that will happen for New York. I would think Tampa would be the frontrunner for the GOP convention, and Minneapolis should also be more attractive to the GOP then going back to New York again. But if both cities decide they really want to go to Minneapolis, then there could be a race to announce first.

Update: Denver Republicans briefly considered a late bid for the convention, but they've decided against it.