Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Facilities requirements

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Some more information is available on the facilities that will be required to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

Both parties have issued extensive "requests for proposals" to host cities, detailing everything from requirements for running water to the need for 3,000 square feet of office space and 18 parking spaces — provided free of charge — for a year before the convention opens.

The Republicans issued a 26-page list of requirements for the host city's "Committee on Arrangements" to fulfill. The Democratic version, addressed to "Host Committee," runs 84 pages.

St. Paul officials declined to release a copy of the bid document, which is nearly two inches thick. An aide to Oberstar said the document does not contain hard money figures, but lists such things as convention venues, hotel availability, transportation resources and other information.

The Democrats, for example, require 17,000 hotel rooms within 30 minutes of travel to the convention site. All hotels have to commit 80 percent of their rooms. For their part, the Republicans require 20,000 first-class rooms.

Nothing really new here, but that requirement for 18 parking spaces is sure to cause some cities to drop out!


eb said...

Another Mpls Press Release for you:

Michael Charney said...

The 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston adopted many environmentally sound practices. See CERC website & Case Study at

Renewable energy credits and carbon offsets made the entire Dem Convention climate neutral for facility energy use, and travel by all attendees. A fuel cell provided energy to the Media Center, which was itself constructed of modular, reuseable design. They reused or recycled 102 tons of building materials from convention hall re-construction, recycled paper waste, composted food waste and promoted local food sources, curtailed idling by buses, promoted public transit, walking and fuel efficient vehicles, worked with hotels to reduce energy and water use, etc.

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